New logo for SarawakYES!

Were so excited today as we unveil our new SarawakYES! logo.

We feel the logo is a positive reflection of Sarawak and Sarawakians – optimistic, fun, confident and forward looking. Dreaming big and chasing those dreams.

At SarawakYES! we work together to help the people of Sarawak build a better future both for themselves and for Sarawak.

When designing our logo, we wanted to ensure we captured the true elements of Sarawak – starting with the rhinoceros hornbill.

We incorporated the hornbill with the letter Y, representing the YES in SarawakYES!

The flowing and curved design style symbolises the forward looking and optimistic pride of the people of Sarawak – always ready to take on new challenges and reach greater heights.

We hope you like our logo as much as we do, and join us on our journey as we work together to build a better future for all.

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Building a Better Future for all Sarawakians

At SarawakYES! we aim to help Sarawakians discover opportunities to pursue their dreams.

Access to great education allows Sarawakians to work towards building careers and lives that are both rewarding and enriching, helping everyone build a better future for all of Sarawak.

Let’s work together to enable all Sarawakians to achieve their goals!

With diverse educational opportunities, everyone can acquire the right skills to allow them to achieve their aspirations and dreams.

Education is the key to success. Education in any form plays a crucial role in developing the right skills for the right roles – from secondary to tertiary, from vocational training to on-the-job training. In today’s Sarawak, we know learning never stops, and the opportunities for learning surround us daily. We just need to uncover and discover the options that are all around us. So let’s work to make these opportunities available to all Sarawakians.

Making the right choice when it comes to selecting our education or training may be difficult for some of us, particularly if we are uncertain what our career plans or goals should be, while for some it will be very clear. In both situations, it’s important that we all find our right path.

We know that applying for jobs, internships, and even entry into school, can be a nerve-wracking exercise. But there are ways to be prepared. At SarawakYes! we are going to make sure you’ve got the right kind of practical and useful information that will guide you on each step of your career journey.

Sarawak is home to countless examples of people, who have achieved their dreams. Hard work, commitment, and pursuing the right kind of education and training all contribute to such success.

Their examples will not only give you motivation to pursue your own dreams, but may also help us reach for new ones!

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