Building a better future

SarawakYES! recently attended the Sarawak Career and Training (SCaT) Fair 2015 where we chatted with young people about exploring career opportunities. Khairil Anuas spoke to SarawakYES! about his ambitions:

Q: What is your ambition? What career are you interested in?

A: My ambition is to become a builder.

Q: Why do you want to be a builder?

A: I enjoy this field because of the challenges that it brings such as bidding for contracts through the tendering system.

Q: How did you decide what career to pursue?

A: I sought advice from my parents, lecturer, and friends. I also acquired further information on my own by doing research.

Q: What is the biggest challenge in pursuing your chosen career?

A: I think competition is one of the biggest challenges.

Q: Why did you visit SCaTFair today?

A: I am here to look for more career options.

Q: Do you feel that SCaTFair can help you achieve your ambition?

A: Yes.


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Persiapan untuk masa hadapan

Mohd. Shamyrzan Fitri Shamsudin berkongsi dengan SarawakYES! baru-baru ini tentang matlamat dan impian kerjaya beliau semasa menghadiri Sarawak Career and Training (SCaT) Fair 2015.

Ikuti isi perbualan dengan beliau di blog kami:

Q: Apakah cita-cita anda? apakah kerjaya yang menarik minat anda?

A: Saya bercita-cita ingin menjadi seorang ahli politik yang berjaya. Saya semestinya meminati bahagian pemerintahan tentang isu politik… Perkara yang mengenai pentadbiran.

Q: Kenapa anda memilih kerjaya di bidang pentadbiran?

A: Saya yakin dan saya percaya untuk menjadi masyarakat yang baik, kita perlu memberi balik dengan komuniti dengan menjadi salah seorang politik dan berbakti kepada masyarakat dan semestinya negara.

Q: Bagaimana anda membuat keputusan dalam memilih kerjaya?

A: Saya memikirkan soal minat semestinya ada juga kemampuan untuk saya cenderung ke arah tersebut sebab kalau kita lihat dari aspek contohnya dalam sains dan perkiraan bukan bidang saya. Oleh itu, saya menganggap perkara itulah yang perlu dipertimbangkan oleh belia.

Q: Apakah cabaran besar yang dihadapi dalam memilih kerjaya ini?

A: Semestinya cabaran terbesar adalah persaingan dan juga peluang. Tetapi itu bukan satu halangan untuk golongan belia, haruslah terus mencuba nasib dan terus mempertaruhkan apa saja yang mereka miliki dari segi personaliti dan akademik mahupun apa segala yang mereka ada untuk ditonjolkan kepada bakal majikan meraka.

Q: Apakah tujuan anda berkunjung ke SCatFair hari ini?

A: Tujuan saya ke SCaT Fair ini adalah untuk melihat dan menilai peluang yang saya akan dapat pada masa depan. Dan ini merupakan satu pusat informasi yang cukup baik untuk belia seperti saya.

Q: Pada pandangan anda, adakah SCatFair dapat membantu anda mencapai cita-cita?

A: Ya semestinya, kalau anda lihat SCaT Fair ini bukan sekadar menawarkan ‘Education Fair’ tetapi adanya bahagin temuduga untuk pekerjaan. Dan bagi yang sedang menganggur ini satu peluang yang cukup baik yang perlu diambil oleh semua lapisan masyarakat.


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Planning your career path

SarawakYES! recently attended the Sarawak Career and Training (SCaT) Fair 2015 where we chatted with young people about exploring career opportunities. Abdul Fattah Firdaus Morshidi was among those at the fair.

Q: What is your ambition? What career are you interested in?

A: I would like to be a hedge fund manager. It’s related to the finance world and I foresee myself really liking doing it.

Q: Why do you want to be a hedge fund manager?

A: I’ve chosen this path because I believe only that career will bring me the life that I’ve always wanted. I also believe that by choosing that career, it can not only change my family but also my community.

Q: How did you decide what career to pursue?

A: There’s a saying it takes 20 interests to find one passion so I’ve had to research and keep doing research into every single thing that I’ve liked, and I’ve come to this.

Q: What is the biggest challenge in pursuing your chosen career?

A: One of my biggest challenges would be answering the question: “Do I really want to do it in the future for the rest of my life? Am I going to stick with it forever?”

Q: Why did you visit SCaTFair today?

A: A lot of reasons. One of it is because Sunway College,PTPTN, MARA, JPA and major universities.

Q: Do you feel that SCaTFair can help you achieve your ambition?

A: Yes. Today I’ve learnt a lot of things – as to what I need to do to get sorted, so it is really helpful.


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Five Easy Tips to Make a Great First Impression at Your Next Job Interview

By SarawakYES!

Hiring managers make snap judgments about potential candidates, and it is very tough to erase a bad one. When a prospective job is on the line, the first 10 seconds are critical to your success. The last thing you want to do is spend the final 59 minutes of an interview trying to overcome a negative first impression. So, if you’re going to be heading to meet a hiring manager to discuss that next big position sometime soon, take these five tips to heart and get a jump start to landing that job by making the right first impression!


  1. Dress the part. Giving off the wrong impression by looking messy or being unaware of standard office uniform can mean spending your interview trying to overcome your appearance instead of showing off your credentials. And remember, even after you get the job, it’s always a good idea to dress for the job you want next, rather than the job you have. So dress smart!
  2. Show those pearly whites. Recall those snap judgments we just discussed? Well, it’s a universal truth that people are drawn toward others who are friendly and open. A great smile can help your interviewer form a fast and positive first impression of you, as well as show you are a confident and trustworthy candidate.
  3. Do your research. The better prepared you are for the interview, the less your nerves will affect your performance. Visit the company’s website, tap your social network to see if you know anyone at the organization, and do as much as you can to learn about both what your future employer represents and what the position you’re gunning for really entails beyond the boilerplate job description. Then, it’ll be far easier to convince the hiring manager that you are the right person for the job.
  4. Get there 10 minutes early. No one will hire you if you’re late to the interview, or barely on time. Hiring managers will assume the problem is only going to get worse after you’re hired. So show up for the interview 10 minutes early, inform the appropriate person of your arrival and politely wait for your interview to begin.
  5. Ask smart questions. Hiring managers want to hire someone that is competent and interested in the position. If you cannot ask intelligent questions, it’ll demonstrate that you are not engaged, or worse incapable. And just as importantly, remember to listen and engage in a meaningful conversation with the interviewer as opposed to asking a string of seemingly unrelated questions.
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Exploring new career opportunities

SarawakYES! recently attended the Sarawak Career and Training (SCaT) Fair 2015 where we chatted with young people about exploring career opportunities. Audi Odilia Rambli was among those at the fair.

Q: What is your ambition? What career are you interested in? 

A: Actually I’m more into business and I’d like to start my own event management business and probably, in the future, start a café.

Q: Why do you want to start your own business?

A: Because I love working on my own and I want to be my own boss, rather than working for someone.

Q: How did you decide what career to pursue?

A: It’s actually based on what I like. I like food and I also like running events, so that’s why I like doing this.

Q: What is the biggest challenge in pursuing your chosen career?

A: Basically it’s all about starting off with money. I don’t think I want to start applying for loans, so that’s why I think it’s better for me to start off with a job and after a few years of working I hope to start my business.

Q: Why did you visit SCaT Fair?

A: Just try my luck in landing a job.

Q: Do you feel that SCaT Fair can help you achieve your ambition?

A: Not really sure because there’s a lot of competition but we’ll see how it goes.

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Four habits of highly successful people

What separates highly successful people from the rest of the pack? What is it that motivates them to succeed? Do they have a secret formula? Do you want to learn about some of the habits that successful individuals incorporate into their daily routine? Then read on!

  1. They prioritize their objectives and create a plan of action.

It’s important to identify clear objectives in the work place, and then make a plan to accomplish your highest priorities. That’s because without a proper plan of attack, you’ll end up wasting a lot of time and end the day with a bunch of uncompleted objectives. Incredibly productive individuals evaluate their workload in advance so they can manage their resources and time properly. Make a list and schedule your time accordingly. And just as importantly, doing this will enable you discard superfluous tasks.

  1. They begin the workday with a positive attitude.

Waking up in a bad mood is stressful. It adds to the stress you’re already bound to experience in the workplace, putting you at a severe disadvantage from the start. Instead of loathing that afternoon meeting or thinking you’re too good for a certain aspect of your job, focus on how you can contribute your ideas to help the team and business improve, then take pride in your accomplishments.

  1. They read. A lot.

Reading is a nearly universal habit of highly successful people—and the reason successful people read is to improve and learn. This simple habit separates them from their competition, enabling them to be better equipped to identify more opportunities and capitalize on them. For example, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, spends a lot of time reading about how successful people live their lives, dedicating time at home after work to read articles about productivity, and then evaluating how he can apply those methods in his life.

  1. They attempt to avoid multitasking.

Doing a lot of different tasks at once is not something to brag about. Successful people realize that juggling many things at once, and constantly switching your attention from one task to another, only reduces your efficiency and effectiveness. Rather, attempt to focus on one activity at a time, accomplish it, and move on to the next. If you can, put the smartphone away and close your email’s inbox—often these serve as distractions that stifle your productivity.

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New logo for SarawakYES!

Were so excited today as we unveil our new SarawakYES! logo.

We feel the logo is a positive reflection of Sarawak and Sarawakians – optimistic, fun, confident and forward looking. Dreaming big and chasing those dreams.

At SarawakYES! we work together to help the people of Sarawak build a better future both for themselves and for Sarawak.

When designing our logo, we wanted to ensure we captured the true elements of Sarawak – starting with the rhinoceros hornbill.

We incorporated the hornbill with the letter Y, representing the YES in SarawakYES!

The flowing and curved design style symbolises the forward looking and optimistic pride of the people of Sarawak – always ready to take on new challenges and reach greater heights.

We hope you like our logo as much as we do, and join us on our journey as we work together to build a better future for all.

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Building a Better Future for all Sarawakians

At SarawakYES! we aim to help Sarawakians discover opportunities to pursue their dreams.

Access to great education allows Sarawakians to work towards building careers and lives that are both rewarding and enriching, helping everyone build a better future for all of Sarawak.

Let’s work together to enable all Sarawakians to achieve their goals!

With diverse educational opportunities, everyone can acquire the right skills to allow them to achieve their aspirations and dreams.

Education is the key to success. Education in any form plays a crucial role in developing the right skills for the right roles – from secondary to tertiary, from vocational training to on-the-job training. In today’s Sarawak, we know learning never stops, and the opportunities for learning surround us daily. We just need to uncover and discover the options that are all around us. So let’s work to make these opportunities available to all Sarawakians.

Making the right choice when it comes to selecting our education or training may be difficult for some of us, particularly if we are uncertain what our career plans or goals should be, while for some it will be very clear. In both situations, it’s important that we all find our right path.

We know that applying for jobs, internships, and even entry into school, can be a nerve-wracking exercise. But there are ways to be prepared. At SarawakYes! we are going to make sure you’ve got the right kind of practical and useful information that will guide you on each step of your career journey.

Sarawak is home to countless examples of people, who have achieved their dreams. Hard work, commitment, and pursuing the right kind of education and training all contribute to such success.

Their examples will not only give you motivation to pursue your own dreams, but may also help us reach for new ones!

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Mencorak Masa Depan Lebih Cemerlang Rakyat Sarawak

Photos from around the SarawakYES! initiative.
Photos from around the SarawakYES! initiative.

Di SarawakYES!, kami menyedari rakyat Sarawak mempunyai potensi yang besar dalam bidang pendidikan dan juga pembangunan sumber tenaga kerja. Justeru, SarawakYes! berhasrat untuk membantu memacu rakyat Sarawak dalam usahanya untuk membina masa depan yang lebih cemerlang.

Pendidikan merupakan asas yang penting untuk mencapai kejayaan dan menyedari hakikat ini rakyat Sarawak wajar diberikan akses kepada segala peluang yang ditawarkan oleh bidang pendidikan. Ini membolehkan peluang pekerjaan dapat diwujudkan kelak boleh menjamin taraf hidup yang selesa untuk penduduk Sarawak sendiri.

Untuk itu, kami menyeru agar rakyat Sarawak bekerjasama dalam mengubah masa depan negeri kita agar lebih cemerlang!

Dengan wujudnya peluang pendidikan yang meliputi segenap aspek; baik profesional mahupun vokasional, dari pendidikan peringkat menengah kepada peringkat universiti dan kolej, setiap penduduk berhak mendapatkan peluang yang disediakan oleh sektor pendidikan serta melengkapkan diri dengan kemahiran yang diperlukan untuk merealisasikan impian ini.

Di zaman yang moden ini, peluang untuk pembelajaran berada di mana-mana. Apa yang perlu hanyalah semangat untuk maju ke hadapan dan tidak berputus asa dalam menimba ilmu. SarawakYES! yakin peluang ini berada dalam jangkauan anda, dan hanya memerlukan sedikit dorongan untuk bermula.

Kita sedia maklum akan peranan pendidikan terhadap pembangunan kerjaya. Tapi anda mungkin tertanya-tanya, apakah yang ingin saya pelajari? Memilih jurusan atau latihan mungkin mendatangkan kerisauan di kalangan anda, terutamanya jika anda masih kurang pasti dalam perancangan kerjaya. Jika anda sudah tahu matlamat kerjaya anda, tahniah! Jika sebaliknya, anda tidak perlu risau kerana Sarawak Yes! akan membantu.

Sesudah tamat pengajian, anda mungkin akan menjalani latihan industri, atau terus melangkah ke alam pekerjaan.

Anda tentu berdebar-debar, betul?

Usah risau, kami di SarawakYES! akan memberi bimbingan kepada anda dengan menyediakan latihan dan tip-tip yang berguna dalam menghadapi dunia pekerjaan sekaligus merancang perjalanan kerjaya anda.

Kami percaya bahawa usaha dan komitmen tanpa mengenal erti lelah disertai pendidikan dan latihan yang sesuai adalah resipi kejayaan.

Mari kita bersama-sama memastikan Sarawak akan terus melahirkan tokoh-tokoh dan rakyat yang berjaya dari segenap segi dan merealisasikan impian Sarawak yang cemerlang!

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