Learning from your mistakes

At SarawakYES! we always emphasise the need to learn from mistakes, whether it’s for our career, education or personal growth.

Yet we live in a world where not everyone can tolerate mistakes, and many parents have been teaching their children not to slip-up, supposedly so that they don’t grow up to become incompetent or troublesome.

The truth, however, is that whether intentionally or not we all make mistakes. But it’s the way you interpret and confront yours that will eventually define you as a person.

If you read stories of accomplished individuals, you’ll find their achievements are due to their willingness and determination to learn from and overcome their mistakes.

The question then is how can you grow from your mistakes?


Acknowledge and take responsibility – This is your first step towards learning from mistakes. It can be uncomfortable at times, but your readiness to admit and be accountable can quicken the process of identifying and resolving your errors.

Perceive your mistakes as learning opportunities – This enables you to boost your self-confidence, which helps in taking more risks in the future.

Reflect on your mistakes – Whether on your own or with someone you can trust, ask honest questions about these mistakes and then find ways to ensure that you don’t repeat them.

Apologise for your mistakes if they end up affecting others – Assure the people who’ve been affected that you won’t do it again. Your apology needs to be genuine and sincere so people can recognise you for your strength, honesty and accountability.


Dwell on your mistakes, as it can be unproductive and stressful – Self-reflect on your mistakes, move forward and remind yourself that as long as they aren’t deliberate, there’s no harm in making mistakes.

Blame others or justify your mistakes – This won’t provide any closure to yourself or others affected. It also shows your reluctance to learn from your mistakes, which can lead to the greater possibility of repeating them in the future.

Repeat the same mistakes too many times – This may suggest you’ve yet to fully grasp lessons learnt from your mistakes or you’re not committed and disciplined enough to change for the better.

Fear making mistakes – In fact, not encountering any mistake at all can be your biggest mistake. The more you experience and overcome mistakes, the more capable you become in navigating through life, giving yourself more room for personal development.

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This article first appeared on The Borneo Post, visit this link: http://bit.ly/2JVJSw5

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